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We have quality, vetted warehouse space available near you!

Finding quality warehouse space with 3PL services tailored specifically to your requirements is a challenge.

Searches based purely on geographic location produce a wealth of results most of which after many wasted hours of phone calls turn out to be wholly unsuitable, leaving you back at square one.

At Les Flanagan Logistics Services we do things differently.

We offer a tailored, personal service drawing on nearly 40 years’ experience of implementing, managing and utilising warehouses throughout the UK and Ireland.

When we present you with a list of suitable warehouses you know

  • They have been personally vetted.
  • They have been recommended because they complement your specific needs.
  • They deliver the best results for you.

Our service

  • Saves you the hassle of unnecessary phone calls and wasted time.
  • Delivers a choice of solutions for evaluation and comparison.
  • Provides you with an insider’s confidence in the ability and suitability of the recommended matches.
  • Is personal, targeted, professional and courteous. All enquires are handled with the utmost confidence.

We currently we have a number of quality solutions available for ambient, chilled, frozen and haz chem goods.

Specifically there is significant capacity in Essex, Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire, East Anglia, Northampton, Warwickshire, South Yorkshire, East Midlands, Nottingham, North Lancashire, Liverpool and South Wales.

For more information on the solutions available to you please contact. 07768 148208 or visit our website.

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Why the wooden pallet is King!

Pallets are the supply chains key ingredient worldwide. Millions of them are used daily to transport goods from manufactures to warehouses to retailers.

Where would we be without them?

Did you know they first came into use in the 1920’s and were in widespread use by the 1940’s.

That’s nearly 100 years of use. No wonder we all have a soft spot for them.

Every year 1.5 billion pallets are manufactured worldwide, that’s an astounding 60 million cubic metres of timber. In Europe we produce 350 million, 20 million cubic metres of timber annually. (

There has been much discussion recently about the environmental impact of the traditional wooden pallet and the numbers I’ve just quoted may have set a green flashing alarm bell off in your head.

Well don’t panic. The pallet that all logistics professionals regard so fondly is actually still one of the most environmentally friendly options available.

Wooden pallets are largely made from the sub-standard off cuts from the furniture and housing industries. So rather than adding to deforestation pallet manufacture is ensuring that nothing goes to waste.

International standards for wooden packaging (ISPM15) help to protect and encourage the safe use of timber packaging worldwide.

Less than 5% of timber pallets end their life at landfill. That’s 95% of what we manufacture being recycled and reused.

Any pallets that are beyond repair can be shredded to provide wood chips for fuel.

There is also a wealth of pallet pool options that keep pallets circulating in the system and many pallet providers repair and recycle on a regular basis.

And let’s not forget the pallets greatest gift – its ability to be recycled and upcycled into some amazing objects.

I bet every single one of you has something in your home or garden that you have made from a pallet!

As this week kicked off with Blue Monday and has continued to be grey and dreary I thought it would be fun to put a smile on our faces by taking a quick peek at some of the best pallet transformations I have seen.

In at number one are these great staircases.


Followed by these two brilliant ways to organise your garage.

Garage Tidy

How about a revamp of your office space with these filing cabinets.


Or perhaps your kitchen needs a tidy.

kitchen tidy

The fact is wooden pallets are the lifeblood of our industry.

They are environmentally friendly.

They could be the most versatile recycling material out there.

And they have a very special place in all logistics professionals’ hearts.

Long live the wooden pallet!


Are you facing a labour productivity challenge?

Labour is generally one of the biggest costs for most companies, sometimes as much as 50 – 70% of annual budget. Managing and reducing labour related expenses while maintaining robust customer service levels can seem like a never ending challenge that many companies struggle to tackle or maintain.

The benefits for those companies who accept the challenge are far reaching; cost reductions, improved productivity, increased customer satisfaction and more streamlined efficient processes.

In short, a distinct competitive edge.

If you are thinking of tackling labour productivity Les Flanagan Logistics Services Ltd provide a full project management service that delivers significant results fast.

Our most recent project in a manufacturing warehouse, employing 90 staff, delivered annual savings of over £300k.

We have more than 4 decades of experience in management consultancy and business development within warehousing, distribution and logistics.

We have worked both large and small organisations including Sainsbury’s, Wincanton, M&S, Tibbett & Britten, Dairy Crest and Neals Yard Remedies. We are supply chain specialists with in depth experience in warehousing, labour relations and performance management.

The benefits of working with us are;

  • a bespoke, tailored project management approach that works with your business. We are big enough to be the best at what we do but small enough to offer a personal service that makes you our top priority.
  • a comprehensive work rate analysis of every measurable task based on professional work measurement and method study techniques. The analysis highlights inefficiencies, duplications, double handling and lost time allowing you to make focused changes swiftly.
  • a detailed work flow evaluation which identifies the speed of movement of key lines and makes smart, achievable recommendations that will reduce travel time, eliminate congestion and streamline the process flow.
  • an examination of your labour management techniques and structured training for all management levels on how to maximise labour force productivity.
  • a thorough investigation, feedback and training on organisation and work load planning with a real focus on managing avoidable peaks, troughs and bottlenecks that impact efficiency.
  • ongoing support, training and guidance that ensures you implement the recommended changes and reap the rewards.

If labour productivity is your challenge for 2017 then get in contact now and let us help you get that competitive edge.

Please email or call 07768 148208.

We are a small team which allows us to offer a real personal and tailored project management package but it does mean that we book up fast so we would advise you to get in contact quickly to guarantee our help this year.


Logistics trends to watch out for in 2017

As the New Year gets underway I thought it would be useful to look at how I believe supply chain and logistics services will develop in the next 12 months.

I predict that our industry will be subject to aggressive transformation in 2017. The continuing growth of e-commerce, the increasing empowerment of consumers, the stagnation of bricks-and-mortar retail and Brexit will all play their part in influencing change.

As industry leaders we need to recognise these challenges as opportunities. As traditional practises get turned on their heads we have a real chance to innovate and revolutionise our industry.

Those who embrace change will be at the forefront of one of the most exciting times our industry has experienced.

So what are the main trends that will act as the catalysts for these changes?

Growth of e-commerce – there is now hard evidence that traditional bricks-and-mortar retail is stagnating. As you would expect e-commerce continues to go from strength to strength. Overall the trend is for Omni channel retail which in turn will mean more companies looking to add or extend their online offering. As industry professionals we should be looking to develop our capabilities and services around e-commerce logistics.

Same Day Delivery – the genie has definitely been let out of the lamp! What we used to say was impossible is now quickly becoming the norm. With companies such as Amazon and Argos trailblazing this service, customers are beginning to expect it, and other retailers will have to get with the trend in order to stay competitive. Can you offer retailers a same day solution?

Customer centric deliveries – we are living in the age of increasingly empowered consumers. They expect delivery to be about them. They need to be made at a time that suits them, to a destination of their choosing. They want to be able to change the delivery time and place last minute. They want to know the name of the driver and see a photo. They especially want to be able to track and trace that last mile.  This is a paradigm change for the industry and creates real opportunity for technological innovation and creativity.

Supply chain visibility – the growth of e-commerce challenges logistics providers. Automation, high volume, stocking products in line with demand, multiple delivery options all make traditional practises unworkable. We are entering a new world of full supply chain visibility. Companies want to be able to track their products from manufacture right the way through to the final moments of delivery. They want real time information and touch of a button reports. To keep at the top of our game we need to have the technology and skills to be able to offer service at such a detailed level.

Brexit – the full effects of this are unknown and it is extremely difficult to predict what will happen. We could see an upsurge in trading with countries such as China as free trade with European countries ceases to exist. Import and export in and out of the UK may take a hit and shipping companies may feel the pinch. I will be watching developments keenly.

I am looking forward to 2017 and am eager to see how our industry responds to the challenges ahead.

Who knows may be next year I will send you all a copy of my article using a drone!

All the best for 2017, Les.