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We have quality, vetted warehouse space available near you!

Finding quality warehouse space with 3PL services tailored specifically to your requirements is a challenge.

Searches based purely on geographic location produce a wealth of results most of which after many wasted hours of phone calls turn out to be wholly unsuitable, leaving you back at square one.

At Les Flanagan Logistics Services we do things differently.

We offer a tailored, personal service drawing on nearly 40 years’ experience of implementing, managing and utilising warehouses throughout the UK and Ireland.

When we present you with a list of suitable warehouses you know

  • They have been personally vetted.
  • They have been recommended because they complement your specific needs.
  • They deliver the best results for you.

Our service

  • Saves you the hassle of unnecessary phone calls and wasted time.
  • Delivers a choice of solutions for evaluation and comparison.
  • Provides you with an insider’s confidence in the ability and suitability of the recommended matches.
  • Is personal, targeted, professional and courteous. All enquires are handled with the utmost confidence.

We currently we have a number of quality solutions available for ambient, chilled, frozen and haz chem goods.

Specifically there is significant capacity in Essex, Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire, East Anglia, Northampton, Warwickshire, South Yorkshire, East Midlands, Nottingham, North Lancashire, Liverpool and South Wales.

For more information on the solutions available to you please contact. 07768 148208 or visit our website.

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